Maternity & Child Care : (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

Team of accomplished gynecologists are committed to making this department a unique center for maternity requirements. Along with the nursing amenities, and highly experienced specialists, our Operation Theatres and good neonatal care are equipped to handle emergencies and caesarian sections as and when the need arises. We are planning to start antenatal classes for exercises in pregnancy.

Department highlights:

We offer the full range of Gynaecology services from day care surgeries to laparoscopic surgeries. We have packages for various Gynaecology procedures & surgeries. Fetal Medicine, Chromosomal Analysis, Genetic Counseling and Computerized Maternal Serum Screen Programme will be offered as per the doctor's requirements. Prenatal classes include various patient education and therapy classes, besides health programs for expecting mother.

Services/ Treatments Offered:

  • Antenatal Care
  • Unmedicated, epidural and cesarean births
  • Interventions and prevention strategies
  • Labor
  • Comfort techniques and preparation exercises
  • New born procedures, tests and bonding
  • Pregnancy, labor and postpartum care