The ENT clinic at Phoenix Hospital caters to the ailments associated with Ear, Nose and Throat like Adeno-tonsillitis, sinusitis, nasal septum deviation, ear infections, allergy, headache etc. Treatment of these routine problems acquires a new dimension at the department through the availability of the latest world-class equipment, which gives a better outcome for overall patient healthcare management.

Our ENT department consists of a highly skilled team of doctors and a specialists dedicated to delivering high quality care to adult and pediatric patients.

ENT Clinic at Pheonix Hospital

The ENT clinic provides specialist care for patients not only with conditions of the ear, nose and throat, but also for others in the head and neck area. We provide a wide range of treatment matters relating to ENT conditions and many procedures and minor operations can be performed in the same ‘one-stop’ visit.

Patients come for our otolaryngology specialists’ multidisciplinary approach to treating a range of conditions, including cancers of the head, neck, and throat.

Why Phoenix Hospital For ENT Treatments?

The ENT clinic is located at Kalewadi, Pune and is committed to providing state-of-the-art care in the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat conditions. The whole spectrum of ENT conditions are treated with specialist expertise in rhinology, voice disorders, and balance problems.

  • Providing Advanced ENT Treatments
  • Premier facilities for the diagnosis and treatment
  • comprehensive and individualized approach to diagnosis
  • Utilization of the latest techniques

ENT Treatments & Services

At Phoenix, we provide the full range of ENT services. Our team of experts is with you from your initial evaluation through treatment and follow-up care. We take time to explain procedures to you in detail and answer any questions you may have

Our service provided include :

  • All ENT Operations
  • Emergency ENT care
  • Speech therapy and Audiometry
  • Allergy treatment
  • Cancer surgery and care

We also consult patients as required to:

Out Patient Consultation

Specialist consultation is available between on all days except Sundays. The department possesses latest modern diagnostic instruments to assess the patient problems accurately without much discomfort to the patient.

Nasal & Sinus Video Endoscopy

We provide video endoscopy, which is a very advanced way of nasal and paranasal sinus examination.

ENT Operations

Highly trained surgeons and senior anesthetists carry out routine operations like tonsillectomy, septoplasty, adenoidectomy, and grommets.

Micro EAR Surgery

Operations that help improve discharge from the ear and hearing, like Tympanoplasty, Stapedectomy, Ossiculoplasty and operations for vertigo like endolymphatic sac decompression are performed at the clinic.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Operations that help improve discharge from the ear and hearing, like Tympanoplasty, Stapedectomy, Ossiculoplasty and operations for vertigo like endolymphatic sac decompression are also performed.

The ENT Operation Theatre is equipped with the latest operating microscopes, endoscopes etc. along with facilities for TV monitoring and video recording of surgical procedures.


Our team comprises of top Ear, Nose, & Throat (ENT) specialist. Discover better health & wellness with Phoenix.

  • I was admitted in this hospital for stomach complaints. Doctor staff and nursing is very good at their service . Also hygiene of hospital is very well maintained. Insurance facilities are well available.
    Ayush Gunjal
  • Changes your negative mindset... In spite of being in highest pain of endometriosis, she helped me to stay firm and positive to get rid of it. I am really hopeful to eradicate it.. I wish I could have met her earlier so that these complications wouldn't have been there.. .Thanking Universe for bringing her on my way ????????
    Neeta Bhosale
  • Best hospital... Experienced Doctors.... And all experienced hospital nursing staffs.
    Sachin Rathod
  • Very good service, and supportive staff I like the hospital and refered my relatives for this hospital
    Shankar Bhosale


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